Friday, May 2, 2008

The Batteries arrive

The new Odyssey batteries arrived today. Now the only pieces I'm missing are the throttle and battery cables.
These batteries have the potential to last 10 years, can't freeze, and should be able to deliver high current levels and take fast charging. I'll be playing with battery placement tonight, though I don't have many options since I want to keep the weight as low as possible. They'll all fit in the back behind the motor and transmission but I'd like to get some of the weight up front if I can for better distribution.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Thanks for posting your project!

I'm very interested to see how you AMPhibian performs. I have a similar ATV that I want to convert. It's a skid-steer 4WD. If you search for "wheelchair buggy" on youtube you'll find it.

I'm looking forward to following your progress. Good luck and I hope it exceeds your expectations.


John said...

Hi Kelly,
Glad you like my project. That's a neat little buggy you've got going there. I see you mentioned you'd like to control it with a joystick and thought you might be interested in this:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. That's a cool chair.